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Keynote Speakers


Steve Taylore Knowles

21st Century/Life Skills

Steve has spent over twenty-two years in ELT as a writer, a teacher trainer, an examiner and a teacher. He has created a number of best-selling multi-level courses, including Open Mind (Macmillan, 2014-15), which incorporates life skills as an integral part of the course, and Optimise (Macmillan, 2017), an exam preparation series for teenagers. His work has taken him to around 35 countries and he regularly speaks at events throughout the world on various aspects of English language teaching and learning. Having spent a number of years teaching abroad, including two years on the board of TESOL Greece, Steve is now based in his native county of Lancashire in the north of England, where he lives with wife Jo and young daughter Scout.


Tony Prince

Impact of Culture on the Use of Academic English 

Tony is currently the Academic Director at the Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE), where he is principally responsible for training related to English in Higher Education. In this capacity, he has been involved in a number of University related projects in a number of regions including Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Libya and Algeria. Tony Prince has been Programme Manager for Presessional and Insessional courses at the University of East Anglia. He was responsible for the development of Content Integrated Presessional courses dealing with Law, Science, Business, Economics and Computing, among others. Tony has worked extensively in IT related to English Education, helping to develop a MOOC course on the FutureLearn platform. He has designed, developed and delivered online courses such as that in Teaching English for Academic purposes which is part of the NILE online provision that was shortlisted for the ELTon awards in 2015 in the category of Digital innovation.

Andy Hockley

ELT Management / Managing in the Digital Age

Andy Hockley trains teachers and language school managers. He is also a coach, consultant, writer, and the coordinator of IATEFL's Leadership and Management Special Interest Group. as well as being the global lead trainer on the International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) and co-author of "From Teacher to Manager" (CUP, 2008) and "Managing in the Digital Age" (The Round, 2014). He lives in deepest Transylvania.


JT Rehill

(Cambridge University Press)
Moving Beyond Adjectives: Feedback Practices that Enhance Language Learning

JT Rehill has nearly twenty years of experience working as a consultant, trainer, English teacher, and instructional coach. As founder of LEAD (Learning Advanced), he works with schools and universities throughout Turkey and the surrounding region on building and managing professional learning programs that support performance development, instructional leadership, and culture transformation. In addition to serving as an Adjunct Professor of Educational Psychology with the Graduate School of Education at Wilkes University, he regularly shares his passion for learning at education conferences, with recent talks at the ECIS Annual Educators Conference, TEDx at Kiev International School, and the Kosova Learning Summit.


Penny Ur

(Cambridge University Press)
Research and the language teacher

Penny Ur has thirty years’ experience as an English teacher in elementarymiddle and high schools in Israel. Now retiredshe has taught M.A. Courses at Oranim Academic College of Education and Haifa University. She has presented papers at TESOLIATEFL and various other English teachers’ conferences worldwide. She has published a number of articlesand was for ten years the editor of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series. Her books include Discussions that work (1981)Five minute activities (co authored with Andrew Wright) (1992)A course in language teaching (1996)Grammar practice activities (2nd Edition) (2009)Vocabulary activities (2012)and A course in English language teaching (2012)all published by Cambridge University Press.


Jon Hird

(Oxford University Press)
Do you speak 2017? Aspects of Contemporary English

Jon is based in Oxford, UK, where he divides his time between writing ELT materials and teaching English and teacher training at the University of Oxford. He has also delivered courses and given talks and workshops in around 30 countries. Jon has a range of experience and interests, but with a particular interest in Grammar, English for Academic Purposes and in dyslexia and learning English. He has written and contributed to a number of ELT publications, most recently including the Oxford EAP series, Oxford Learner’s Pocket Verbs and Tenses and grammar material for the Navigate course book series. In his free time, Jon plays the drums.